Friday, February 17, 2012

Ready to go items: Feb/2012: Natural-looking Fawn Fur collars with removable ties

Hi Guys!, I re-designed my collars to now feature removable ties. Now you can easily match any outfit with  changing the ties colors.

The fur I use is imported from japan and is very natural looking compare to other fawn fur, instead of just being brown with white spots, mine has variation in the shade with a great soft hand.

Also I now have 4 types of fawn fur colors to chose from.
2cm pile long strands:
Tan, a reddish warm brown

Mocha Brown, brown with cafe tones

Dark Brown, a bitter chocolate with cream spotting

Brown, a longer pile fur (4cm) that is similar to Dark Brown

Larger scale picture of fur to show natural-looking variations

The design of the collar is peter pan style with grommets on each side to loop a ribbon through. You can easily change out the ribbon to match a outfit, now you don't have to settle on just one color ties!
The lining is brown or red cloth (depends on what I have available) that sit flat without the bulk.

The price includes:
One collar of your choice + 2 velvet ribbon ties + shipping within the USA 1st class
International add $4 more for 1st class shipping

Ready to be ship in a week!

Please pick ribbon colors from chart listed below:
Velvet colors:  1"width or 5/8" (no choice depends on availability)

Petersham grosgrain:  1"width
There is a addition fee of $1.50 for each 1"
$2 for each 1.5"
$3 for each 2"

Double Ruffle ribbon: 1"width 
Black ,Ivory, or brown only
(see photo below)

Silk matte Ribbon:
1" or 2"
Black, Ivory, or Wine only
add $2 to each 1" tie
add $4 to each 2" tie
(see photo below)

You can buy addition ribbons just ask!

To purchase:
fill out this form:
Live Journal name:(if you have one)
location: USA by zip and state, international by country
item/s interested in:
link to picture:
colors for ribbon: 
3. backup
4. backup
Notes: (ie: extra ribbon, special ribbon, etc)
paypal id:

copy/paste into body of email with subject as " item purchase"
sent to melinlinhu(at)gmail(dot)com

Stock available:
Tan Fur:
Mocha Brown
Dark brown

Stock Photos:
Tan fur shown with dark red velvet ties 5/8".
Velvet ribbon can add a warm look to a outfit.
A great value

Mocha Brown fur with Black matte Silk ties 2".
Silk ribbon make beautiful bows but are higher in price.
I recommend them highly because they look great.

Dark Brown fur with red satin silk ribbon 1.5".
I can make a double tail cut for 1.5" and 2" ribbon to add detail.

Dark Brown fur with Ivory Double ruffle ties 1"
Double Ruffle ribbon add a more detail to a bow.


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